The 12 weeks of new business

So I wrote this blog three months after opening Kaffe O- and yes it has taken me another nine months to actually get it out there. I was going to amend it, update it etc but you know what, I decided to leave as is because it reminds me just how far things have moved on and how relieved I am, that it is not this time nine months ago!

August 2014

This is my first ever blog, so please bear with me, I am new to all this. Though I am loving the fact that I don’t have to proof read this numerous times in case there is a lurking grammar mistake that my former colleagues will recoil at in horror- because for the first time ever I don’t have to pretend that I care if there are any misfortunate grammar faux pas going on- and yep that’s probably one right there.

The most common thing people said to me in the first few weeks of Kaffe O- was “ you’re living the dream”- I can’t tell you how much I wanted to do an Eddie Murphy and trade places with anyone, just anyone at the other side of the counter- so as this is week 12- my twelve weeks of starting my own business kind of look like this:

  1.  It’s 3pm and you realise that you haven’t eaten anything, drank anything or even been to the bathroom that day.
  2. It’s asking everyone and anyone in the business, “ it gets easier, right?” and then secretly dying inside with the unanimous “no”.
  3. It’s going to bed at 2am and getting up at 5 because you have forgotten to place an order with suppliers and Ground hog day begins again.
  4. It’s running out of coffee on day three because you know what, being a passionate coffee drinking lawyer does not prepare you for the kilos of coffee that you go through in a day.
  5. It’s meeting your best friends for a 15 minute dinner out and being a crumbling mess because you feel so out of your depth, hoping that they will make it all go away but knowing that there is nowhere to hide.
  6. It’s being told that you have run out of blue roll and being so tired that you have no idea how you are going to solve this major catastrophe.
  7. Its threatening to arrive at the City Council with your local counsellor if your bins aren’t emptied, knowing that (1) you have no clue who your local councillor is and (2) no idea where the right office is.
  8. It’s falling while trail running, spending a few hours in A&E and then being chauffeured to the shop in a pain med induced state. It’s going back in the next day and the next one, because there is no such thing as sick leave.
  9. It’s getting a whole day off and really knowing how Charlie felt when he won the golden ticket.
  10. It’s the feeling of pure joy when the weather is perfect, the grinder is behaving itself and the extraction rate of the espresso is bang on 24 seconds.
  11. It’s hearing amazing feedback from your customers on how they love the coffee just as much as you and even better seeing them say this on facebook, twitter and instagram.
  12. It’s seeing the same people coming in everyday for their daily fix and stepping back at week 12 and realising that you made something, you really made something.