Escape to the country...

I am an Ormeau Roadian and have been for the last 36 years. During this time I’ve lived in Florida, San Francisco and Copenhagen too, but ‘the road’ will always be home. 100% I’m a city girl. I can find pretty much anywhere in Belfast- well where the red busses (pink now) go. However, move out beyond these confines and honestly a mist comes over me and I have to rely totally on my husbands culchie sat nav. I will always live in a city- and one where in 20 minutes I can walk in to the city centre. I get anxious at the thought of not having great coffee, sport, food and entertainment on my door step. As much as I love Belfast though, it is not my spiritual home.

That belongs to Donegal. For the last 25 years I’ve escaped at some point to the solitude of the very North. As soon as I drive in to Letterkenny and take a right towards Fanad, a serene peace descends and a sharper perspective on the really important things in life comes to the fore. I was lucky enough to discover the power of mindfulness around 6 years ago and through regular yoga practice try and remind myself, that all I have is this moment, right now. For some reason though- this isn’t as much of a challenge in Donegal.

Here, the stunning setting of the Atlantic Ocean, Muckish and Errigal act as a constant reminder as to what a small piece I am in a very big jigsaw.

And so after five days feeding my soul by walking on beaches, swimming in the sea, turbo training looking at  mountains, sea kayaking around the Seven Sisters and reading some Eckhart Tolle, I’m back, calmer, more content  and re energised, with a clear focus on goals for the business for the rest of 2015.

Everyone should have a spiritual home.

This weeks Sunday Coffee- Plain old Kaffe O- just in from roast. Brunch was two courses. 1- fruit salad, Greek yoghurt topped with super food muesli. 2- Roasted Pepper, with homemade chipotle en adobo, cheddar, baked eggs and home made GF soldiers.

Donegal highlights below. 1. Essential holiday packing. 2. Turbo with a view. 3. O on tour. 4 Sea kayaking coffee stop.