Visit our flagship Café for the most genuine Nordic Coffee experience. 
This side of the North Sea.

Kaffe O was born at 411 Ormeau Road. It’s a great area of South Belfast with an eclectic mix of shops, bars, restaurants and of course people. Situated approximately 1.5 miles from the city centre and just over a mile from Queens University; the coffee shop attracts coffee aficionados from all over.

Our approach in the café to coffee is simple. We are a pure espresso bar serving up double shots of hand roasted coffee in all our coffees, from macchiato and long blacks to flat whites, lattes and all variations in between. Hand roasted in Copenhagen and shipped straight from roast to Belfast, the beans are never more than three weeks from roast.  The coffee is ground on demand by the Anfim Super Caimano the and made with love on a beautiful La Marzocco Linea PB, then served in Danish designed ceramics – it’s a Danish inspired enclave in Northern Ireland.

Ps – O has an aversion to latte art so just because we haven’t drawn a heart on your coffee doesn’t mean we don’t love you, of course we do. We just love our coffee more...

Food at Kaffe O
Our approach to food is also simple. We believe in real food. All our food is made on site using the highest quality raw ingredients. We only select suppliers who share our vision and philosophy. Our soups and stews are always vegetarian and often vegan. We serve the best locally smoked salmon and cured and smoked meats on our Smørrebrod and Brøds (rye flatbreads) and the freshest in season ingredients in our salads. We also offer a wide range of breakfast, lunch and of course sweet options for those not eating gluten, all baked in-house. 

We are big believers in karma at the café...
what you give, is what you get folks!

Ormeau Opening Hours

Mon - Friday: 7.30am-9pm
Saturday: 8.00am-6pm
Sunday: 9.00am-6pm

Hygiene rating 5 out of 5 stars